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Trutiya Netra
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Ek Na Dhad
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Featured Book
Ek Na Dhad

Ek Na Dhad

Author - Vilas Naik

Publisher - Dilipraj Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

Dilipraj Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. Is a well known and renowned publishing Company in Marathi literary field all over Maharashtra. It wao-founded by Prof. D. K. Barve in 1971 with the Publication of a small play of 15 pages called Chhan Chhan Natukali, having a cost of 50 paise. Today we have more than 2000 books to our credit, which perhaps is the record in this field. Along with children’s literature we publish Story Books, Novels, Poetry, Criticism, Biographies, Science fiction and all Sorts of thought provoking and informational books for adults.